Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg) — Smoke The Weed (Feat. Collie Buddz)

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Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg) - Smoke The Weed (Feat. Collie Buddz) [Рингтон]
Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg) - Smoke The Weed (Feat. Collie Buddz) v2 [Рингтон]
Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg) - Smoke The Weed (Feat. Collie Buddz) v3 [Рингтон]

Слова фрагмента (Lyrics):

Heyeyyy, I say, smoke it everyday, we're on

Smoke the weed, everyday
Don't smoke the seed, no way
Smoke the weed, hey
Smoke the weed

[Verse 1: Snoop Lion]
Younger generation
Young boys and girls
Be careful of the seeds you show
If you want fi see a strong tree grow
You gotta prepare for the future
Show respect don't neglect mother nature
All the pollution in this world
Me just can't stand it
Global warming make the whole world panic
Take care of mother earth cause'a she be the planet
Youth man don't go astray
Fresh trees, young seeds all tryin to find the light
Stretchin out their limbs to the sun, acting right
Help them keep their life on track
Watch over like a satellite
Tell them when to stop and go like a traffic light
Many obstacles to overcome in the city life
Making sure they stay pure, teach them what's wrong from right
Seed brings forth new life


[Verse 2: Collie Budz]
Say around 6am in'a the morning
When we just'a wake up
Stick the peer pockets me darling
The baba hurt me break up
Holding my fight, the herb me can't stand it
Me'a solely see babylon can't come step on it
Me'a mix the weed with a lit' Grey Goose and tonic
Yute man, no stop on the chronic, everyday
Aya aya aya, hey man roll the weed up
Take off you shoes, me mix a couple breed up
Can't stand when some boy go pffff on the seed oh
We no do that, we get cheat oh
And me say, herb herb what we all prefer
Them'a juggle it on every street curb
And the yute they say: weed is life
Weed is reality


[Verse 3: Snoop Lion]
Early light papa, youth dem'a suffer
Dancing, my top off, hot like the summer
You can never understand why we live to light
You would never recognize unless you see the fire in my eyes
I'm burying the man, like every single day
Black birds in the sky, can't get a fucking break
The smoke is my gun that's how I blow them away
Music is my weapon, rewind and let it play
Babylon, the police, sun set the whole day
They call me Snoop Lion, I smoke everyday

[Outro: Snoop Lion]
We keep planting these seeds
Watch them grow a new breed
Cultivating these trees
The cycle carrys on
And on and on and on, it don't stop
The tick tock of universal clock
To the bang bang boogie of the life streaming through me
And the songs that wait while we procreate (sex)


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