Blue Scholars – Lumire

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Слова фрагмента (Lyrics):

Hype performin', night to mornin' 
There's no time but it's nice to warn 'em 
Postmortem we don't mourn 'em 
We go forth but no we don't force it 
New leak from the the office faucet 
And all last week the response is awesome 
Goes off when a pro goes on 
And it's been that way since back before college 
Just Geo and no longer logic 
Still marchin', still evolvin' 
Still revolvin' around 
Don't stop till we sovereign 
Whatever you call it 
Locked in thought like a Filipino watchin' 
Boxin', every so often 
Peace to the fallen 
Here's to the hope that the beats that I'm rockin' 
Is reachin' your coffin 


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